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Download Astromatik 3.5

Astromatik is a free software designed for automatic image acquisition. It provides control for CCD cameras, telescope, filter wheels, focuser and autoguider. Astromatik uses .NET and .COM objects and method from different software package.

Astromatik in action


Software Requirement:

  • ASCOM platform standards for telescope and focuser control,
  • Pinpoint for the automatic astrometry, automatic image analysis and automatic photometry
  • Maxim DL for the camera and autoguider control,  and automatic image Analysis,
  • Optionally FocusMax to perform autofocus ,

Feature list:

  • Photometry
    • Prepare variable star observation Job automatically
    • Automatic Photometry
      • Recognize satured star
      • Adaptive aperture
      • Eliminate blunder
      • User defined minimum signal noise ratio
      • Consider Transformation Parameter
      • Estimate Transformation Parameters automatically
      • Create AAVSO Reports
  • Telescope
    • Telescop slews automatically from one position to another.
    • Astromatik can create and use a telescope mount model.
    • Astromatik corrects atmospheric refraction.
    • Telescop mount is re-synchronised after each plate solving.
    • Astromatik checks if the object is well centered and recenters the target if it is needed.
    • Supports only POTH HUB telescop connextion.
  • Camera
    • Autofocus with Focusmax
    • Supports only camera that Maxim DL supports.
    • Supports only filter wheels that Maxim DL supports.
    • Guiding via Maxim DL.
    • Robust automatic star selection for guiding.
    • Command for flat,offset, etc..
  • Dome
    • Supports slaved dome
    • Supports fix dome position
  • Image analysis
    • Automatic image quality analysis after image exposure.
    • Checks if an autofocus has to be performed.
    • Estimates FWHM depending on the air mass
  • Observation Management
    • Use a priority observation can be defined
    • Creates and checks Observation history


  1. David Plesko says:

    Just found your LX200 driver on the Yahoo ASCOM forum. Looks great. I am hoping it will work with my LX-850 mount. I have been trying top get Dan Bisque to update the Meade driver in SkyX to turn tracking on/off and allow park from external apps like CCDAutoPilot. I will also take a look at your Atsromatik as it looks intriguing. Should I be able to turn tracking on (I can do this now) and off (cannot do this, but even if not off, slowest speed would be great) and park and unpark my LX-850 with this driver?

    On a side not, I found your driver on the forum where I am trying to learn to build a simple roll-off replacement driver for my old M1Oasys system. I am an old COBOL programmer but willing to learn how to write a simple driver to send one simple http open and one http close command to my COntrolbyWeb relay (I am using a park sensor to protect the scope). My thread is here. Any ideas or places to start?




  2. David Plesko says:

    Also a question…. Why do you recommend using your Meade driver with POTH vs. calling the driver natively? THANKS!


  3. Peter says:

    Hallo Charles
    Leider funktioniert der Download link nicht.
    Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz.


  4. Peter says:

    Hallo Charles

    Vielen Dank, da hast Du was zugute von mir.

    LG Peter


  5. Peter says:

    Hallo Charles

    Musste auch die zweite Ioptron zurückgeben, wegen elektronik Fehler!
    Mit der neuen CGX von Celestron erhalte ich folgenden Fehler: «An error occurred: Property read POTH.Telescope AlignmentMode is not implemented in this driver. Mit dem PWI Ascom Driver ist die Montierung schon Alignment.


    Info Fenster:
    22:49:08 import input
    22:49:08 Property write POTH.Telescope SiteLatitude is not implemented in this driver.22:49:08 ASCOM telescop info is Lat. 47.38Long.8.5522:49:08 Atromatik telescop info is Lat. 47.38Long.8.5522:49:08 Program is looking for a target, please wait…


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