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Menu Configuration


Under this menu you can load or save your settings, define your preferences and check your setup.


Application Settings

  • Load AppSettings
    • When you load an application setting, the current settings are overwritten and lost.
  • Save AppSettings
    • You can export different setting for different setup.
    • The application settings has no influence on Maxim DL, if you want to use an other configuration of maxim DL (in order to use an other scope or camera  etc…)  you have to change the configuration in Maxim DL.


  • in the Preference you can configure:
    • Astrometry definition and catalog
    • The parameter for the automatic image analysis
    • The dome Geometry
    • The mount Geometry
    • The site location
    • The Local horizon profile
    • The Camera setting
      • Readout mode
      • Maximal and  minimal exposure duration
      • Exposure compensation
    • The Guiding parameters
  • for more details Preferences

Check Tools

Before you use Astromatik, it is essential to check that your setup is well configure and that software are rightly installed

  • Check Connections
    • With this tool you can verify that the connection to your hardware works well, the unused hardware remain black.
    • If some connection failed try to fix them in Maxim DL and in the POTH
This animation display what happens when Astromatik is not able to connect to the telescope. In this example, the user has to double-check the telescope connection in the ASCOM interface (only POTH and generic HUB are supported).
  • Check Framework
    • As all Hardware are controlled with  software libraries it is even more important to check that the software configuration is well installed
    • This function double that all the needed tools and libraries are installed on your computer
When all software are installed and work properly you should get this window
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