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Preferences Object Visibility



Horizon profile

The horizon profile  describes your local horizon. If you use a german mount that doesn’t support meridian flip you can define a horizon for west and an other for east.

Below you can find an example of profile for a german mount that doesn’t support flip meridian, with this profile Astromatik can observe Eastern part of the sky

10     'This value in the first describes the number of points in the polygon.
0 47   'this is the first point. azimut=0 degree (North) and elevation 47 degree (site latitude is 46)
20 20  
45 30
90 30
120 30
180 30
181 89 'this point is near to the zenith, it prohibits the telescope to go to West
225 89
270 89
315 89 

Minimal duration

Before Astromatik send a slew command to the telescope to a target, it checks the visibility duration of the target (slewing time is deduced). If the duration is smaller than the minimal duration, Astromatik will not select this target as it is soon not visible.

Minimal Elevation

For photometry work and also for pretty picture, it is better to capture image above 25 degree. in a Light polluted area it makes sense to increase this value to 40 degree.

Dome settings

the following parameters describe your dome geometry


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