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Preferences Overview

  • Astrometry tab
    • Here you can set the global parameters for Astrometry computation.
    • Most of the Pinpoint parameters are intentionally removed to keep this software as thin as possible.
  • Telescope tab
    • Here you can define, the geometry of your mount and the way you connect Astromatik to your telescope.
    • The site location is used to compute the object visibility
  • Object Visibility tab
    • During the automatic image acquisition, the software have to check if object are visible or not
    • Astrometrik slews always to the nearest visible object
  • Camera tab
    • Here you can set the global parameter for the readout mode
    • In order to minimize the error during the Plate solving you have to define your camera rotation
    • If you use a filter wheel you can correct the exposure duration for each filter.
  • Guider tab
    • Here you can turn on/off the guiding option
    • optionally you can check in the star catalog if a potential guide star is visible
      • if you want to use this option you have compute the relative rotation between your main CCD and the guider
  • Ephemerid tab
    • Here you can update, the ephemerid data
    • define the minimal distance between the pointed object and the Moon
  • Focuser tab
    • if you use FocusMax, you can check the focus automatically
    • Astromatik refocus on  a star automatically if the start size is above the value you have set.



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