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SkyBoT Cone Search


Download SkyBoT Cone Search PlugIn for Maxim DL

(Last update 10-08-2015).

Microsoft Frame work 4.0 is needed, please download and install that first


The SkyBoT cone search plugin find known asteroid
The Plugin performs:
– A request to the SkyBoT server
– Then display in a new image the position of all known asteroid in the image




  1. Oleg says:


    First of all, thanks for plugin.
    Just download version for maximdl v5 and try it.

    First run ask me to pinpoint image. I’m done it via analyze / pinpoint. Everething seems to be ok. I see theese lines at Fits Header:
    HISTORY WCS added by PinPoint 5.1.8 at 2016-10-20T20:08:09
    HISTORY Matched 56 stars from the Gray GSC-ACT Catalog

    But if I try to start plugin again it told me “one or more properties required for WCS calculations have not been set” 😦
    Please help me to start using your program 🙂



  2. Oleg says:

    Sorry. Forgot to ask.
    What mean IAU Code?



  3. Ivan says:

    Always returns no asteroid.
    Log file contains

    # Flag: -1
    # Ticket: 1495211081134
    SkyBoT conesearch -> Bad request: epoch cannot be empty or null

    What I’m doing wrong?


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