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Remote Sternwarte Gerlingen

This is my homemade observatory, I use this observatory for variable stars observations: RR Lyr and Mira variable stars. I would like thanks old my friend that helped me for this project Matthias Schmidt, Achim Stärke, Rainer Willkomm and  Axel Richter.

Inside the box you can see the EM-200 and  with a 8″ Meade SC. The box is 1x1x1 meter!

Observatoire de Chinon


The observatory of Chinon is near to the city Chinon in the Touraine. The sky quality is good. It is easy to see stars fainter than Mag 5. The middle FWHM is about 3″. The main sky pollution is the urban lighting of the town Chinon and the nuclear power plant. The observatory is homemade: the building, the dome, the 300mm mirror, the fork mount and the Audine CCD has been made with less than 20 people. They built with few thousands Euros an incredible observatory. I have been an active member of Astronomie en Chinonais since 1992.

Sternwarte Hoefingen

The observatory of Hoefingen is near to the city Leonberg in the South-West of Germany. The first observatory was build by Mr NeuMann. The working group Observatory in german “Arbeitskreise Sternwarte” is a part of the Association for Culture and Art of Hoefingen. The sky quality is not really good. It is quite hard to see the milky way during the winter, but the middle FWHM is about 2″. The main sky pertubation is the aircraft traffic and the urban lighting of the Stuttgart city. The observatory it self is an excellent working place. Under the dome, you will find a 16″ Ritchey-Chretien, a 4″ Stafire and a 60mm Coronado SolarMax, the german equatorial mount is from Sideres and is controlled by an FS2. I have been an active member of the “Arbeitskreis Sternwarte” since 2003

First Observatory Hoefingen

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